Your Solid Waste and Recycling Cost Reduction Experts

About Us

During the next decade, solid waste disposal will continue as one of the fastest growing expenses for companies across the nation.  In today's sluggish economy and rising prices at the pump, virtually every business is looking for creative ways to reduce their waste disposal costs.

ECS2, headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, provides solid waste and recycling cost reduction services on a 100% risk free basis.  We don't just consider your volume of waste, container sizes, and pick-up frequencies.  We review your entire waste stream to identify deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.  Using our Cost Reduction System, we often save our customers as much as 30% to 50% in waste disposal fees. 

ECS2 is a certified affiliate of Environmental Waste Solutions, LLC, the national leader in the waste management industry since 1994.  Our partnership with EWS allows us to provide consulting services to organizations on a national level.  EWS is equipped with an up-to-date database of all solid waste and recycling vendors throughout North America.  We put this information technology and buying power to work for you.  You can learn more about EWS and our clients by visiting:  www.wasteconsulting.com

Our Services

  • Current Operations Review
  • Opportunities Identification
  • Detailed Recommendations
  • Expected Cost Savings Analysis
  • Recommendations Approval
  • Plan Implementation
  • Monthly Analysis and Reporting

Your Benefits

  • Reduced waste disposal and recycling costs on a risk free basis.  Hiring ESC2 requires no funding, no budgetary review, and no huge capital outlay.
  • Increased profits by pinpointing exactly where you are currently losing money.
  • Improved cash flow with accurate knowledge of cost recovery, recycling alternatives and potential benefits of technology upgrades.
  • Reduced project workload.  We do the work for you and you enjoy the return on savings.
  • Your profits through direct refunds, credits or savings are guaranteed before our fees are paid.

There has never been a better time to consult with a professionally trained solid waste and recycling cost reduction expert.  Don't waste any more time spending money that you could be saving.  Call today to schedule your 100% Risk Free Waste Stream Audit and Improvement Recommendations.